Bone Morphogenetic Protein-7 (BMP-7) is effective in joint cartilage formation, inhibition and reversal of organ fibrosis in the kidney, heart, and lung due to injury or disease, and diabetic related diseases related to glucose metabolism. Markets include Osteoarthritis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Alport Syndrome & Glucose Metabolism.

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Migralex™ is the first OTC headache/pain medication to include Magnesium as an active ingredient. It is doctor-developed, caffeine free, easy on the stomach and targets source-mineral deficiency that triggers headaches/pains in first place.

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ICX-RHY / Vavelta™

ICX-RHY is a skin repair and rejuvenation product. It has been designed to improve the structure, function and appearance of skin damaged by medical conditions such as EB, scarring and associated scar contractures or the aging process. It is being developed primarily for medical applications but has also demonstrated utility in aesthetic applications.

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